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How We Work
How We Work with Dentists and Dental Specialists
With our team you can get the office you want.

When you call our office for information, Kate Korogi can tell you how the design and construction process works - explanations backed by experience managing dental office projects. She asks about your current situation and how you want to practice in a new office. If you wish to discuss your ideas in more detail, she sets up a design consult with Jim Strapko. No charge and no obligation. Prior to the consult, she collects and organizes information for Jim to review. She asks for the following:

  • Baseline:  your current floor plan, photographs, comments
  • Requirements:  location, size, character
  • Team:  key people involved in decision-making
  • An initial design consult is a detailed discussion of your ideas. You set the agenda. Jim comes prepared to answer questions such as: what size should it be, how long does it take, how much will it cost? If you have a site plan or floor plan, he evaluates function and code compliance. If you prefer to focus on the big picture, talk about a vision for your practice, Jim will respond with ways to translate that vision into reality. Your description of specific requirements and general goals is where Jim starts to define three components of a successful project.

  • Program:  what you want to accomplish
  • Schedule:  when you need to complete it
  • Budget:  how much it should cost
  • A customized package of services and fees based on your needs follows the initial design consult. Where the scope of our work is well-defined, we offer fixed fees. Where the scope is not readily defined, we offer a range derived from comparable projects. Our fee structure is based on the way we want to buy professional services.

  • Services based on needs
  • Low initial payment, billings based on progress
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Designing a plan that works for you is our first step. A plan should do more than fit rooms to available space. Your plan should fit the way you want to practice. We can show you what other dentists have done so you avoid “reinventing the wheel”. A plan that seems to work on paper can be awkward when built. Our plans work in all three dimensions. You can see the results in our photographs.

  • Thirty years experience designing dental offices
  • Proven designs:  photographs and plans of completed dental offices
  • 3D capability:  computer generated previews of your design ideas
  • You work with Katie, Jim, Diane, Nathan, and Bill from site search and sketches through construction and move-in. Our continued efforts pay off during bidding and construction – when your money really starts to flow. Detailed bidding and construction documents prepared by people who know dental offices get tight bids and accurate construction. Ask our dentists. We offer a range of construction services including full construction management

  • Bid administration and negotiation
  • Site visits at key points during construction
  • Construction management option

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